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New Blackstar Club 40

Well I finally got a new Blackstar Club 40 on Saturday, I went down to the music store again and gave it another try out.  I played through some Megadeth, Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Nirvana, and Hendrix just to see how it performed.  I was really happy with all the results and all tones I managed to get out of it, the reverb is excellent too!

To be honest I haven't managed to dial in a bad tone yet, I love everything!

At the moment I have all the setting around 12 o'clock with the gain on full, I can easily pull of stuff by Paul Gilbert or Megadeth just by tweaking the mid range a bit so I'm really happy, just wish I could play as good as them!!

Here's a few pics:

I definitely recommend trying one out if you want a versatile high gain amp.


Slayblaze said...

Nice amp, I've heard so many great things about those, glad you like it!